Classroom Kit

Sharing is good, usually.  But modern times call for GiggleBot for Classrooms gives you 12 robots so everyone has everything need to start messing around with robotics and coding. It is the perfect way to introduce and explore real robotics with your students. Share in the delight and wonder as you code a robot to explore its world.  Build new skills as you play. Complete free projects to learn even more.

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GiggleBot for Classrooms includes 12 GiggleBot starter, micro:bit, Distance Sensor, and sensor mount
GiggleBot Classroom Kit includes 12 micro:bits and 12 GiggleBot robot chassis

Classroom contents

GiggleBot includes access to free projects and coding cards

Projects make it easy

GiggleBot includes access to free projects and coding cards to help you get started. It’s an easy way to learn through play! 

GiggleBot makes it easy to code with Microsoft's MakeCode programming tools.

Easy to code

GiggleBot is designed for beginners. You can code your own robot using Microsoft’s MakeCode. It’s an easy-to-use drag-and-drop coding tool!

When you’re ready to go further you can try some text-based programming in Javascript or Python.

Ready to get started? Check out the GiggleBot Getting Started Guide.

Get started

Once you get your GiggleBot it’s easy to get started. Just head over to the online getting started guide to begin your robotic explorations.

GiggleBot includes all sorts of fancy robot stuff that's easy to use.

GiggleBot programmable LEDs

Brilliant little bot! Programmable LEDs light up the imagination in everyone.

Add LEGO® products to your GiggleBot to customize, decorate, and extend your robot.

Connect to customize. Attach LEGO® or other brick-based building toys to expand and enhance your robot.

GiggleBot Motors and Wheels

Go go robot wheels. Motorized wheels help your robot navigate its world.

What's that shiny thing? Built-in brightness sensors help GiggleBot “see” and respond to the world around it.

GiggleBot Line Follower

Walk the line. The line follower helps your robot follow predefined paths.

Add a pen or marker to your GiggleBot to create simple robot art.

Make a robotic Rembrandt.* Use your GiggleBot to create art with a pen or marker.

*Some artistic talent required.

GiggleBot uses AA batteries. *Not included.

Juice when you need it. AA batteries make it easy to keep your GiggleBot moving.

GiggleBot has two servo motor ports and two I2C connection ports.

Make it bigger! Plug-and-play ports make it easy to add on new sensors and servos for your GiggleBot.

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