GiggleBot micro:bit robot.
*micro:bit not included.


Robot together.

Want to build a robot with your kids but don’t have time for that PhD in robotics? Try GiggleBot the delightful way to build and code a robot with your kids.


GiggleBot Base Kit includes a GiggleBot robot chassis but does not include the micro:bit.

Your first robot in about five minutes

GiggleBot makes it easy to mess around with micro:bit robots. The micro:bit is a tiny computer for learning digital skills and computational thinking. Connect the micro:bit to your GiggleBot to create a playful little robot.

Mother and daughter coding with GiggleBot micro:bit robot.

Almost no skills required

Between new math and remote schooling, learning to code might feel like a distant dream. GiggleBot’s easy coding tools, coding cards, and free projects mean you can code your own robot even if you’re not a coder. Complete more projects and you’ll be a budding roboticist in no time.

GiggleBot includes all sorts of neat robot stuff that's easy to use.

GiggleBot programmable LEDs

Brilliant little bot! Programmable LEDs light up the imagination in everyone.

Add LEGO® products to your GiggleBot to customize, decorate, and extend your robot.

Connect to customize. Attach LEGO® or other brick-based building toys to expand and enhance your robot.

GiggleBot Motors and Wheels

Go go robot wheels. Motorized wheels help your robot navigate its world.

What's that shiny thing? Built-in brightness sensors help GiggleBot “see” and respond to the world around it.

GiggleBot Line Follower

Walk the line. The line follower helps your robot follow predefined paths.

Add a pen or marker to your GiggleBot to create simple robot art.

Make a robotic Rembrandt.* Use your GiggleBot to create art with a pen or marker.

*Some artistic talent required.

GiggleBot uses AA batteries. *Not included.

Juice when you need it. AA batteries make it easy to keep your GiggleBot moving.

GiggleBot has two servo motor ports and two I2C connection ports.

Make it bigger! Plug-and-play ports make it easy to add on new sensors and servos for your GiggleBot.

Grow with GiggleBox

A quick and playful robot subscription

We all want to help our kids go further, but it’s not always easy to see how to get them there. 

GiggleBox is a bite-sized monthly subscription that eliminates the guesswork. Over the course of four months, you’ll receive everything you need to grow with GiggleBot.

Subscribe to GiggleBox and you’ll get:

GiggleBot micro:bit robot.
* micro:bit not included.


Starter Kit.

GiggleBot is a delightful and simple way to explore robotics with your kids. Use the free coding cards to start building robots and solving challenges. GiggleBot is a best way to learn about robotics together.


GiggleBot Base Kit includes a GiggleBot robot chassis but does not include the micro:bit.


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