Get Started with the online micro:bit Python editor.

This tutorial is for anyone looking to try text-based coding

The online micro:bit Python editor is a great way to program with Python on macOS or Windows. It is not compatible with the Distance Sensor. If you wish to use Python and the Distance Sensor, try the Mu Editor.

If you’re new to GiggleBot and/or coding we suggest starting with MakeCode

Check out the GiggleBot readthedocs for micropython

Find installation instructions, drivers, and everything you need to start programming the GiggleBot in Python.

01 Go to python.microbit.org

Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers
01: The online Python editor from micro:bit uses Web USB. You will need to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to use this technology.
02: Navigate to python.microbit.org

02 Download Driver File

GiggleBot Python Driver File Python Code
01: Download the Driver File

03 Connect micro:bit

Connect your micro:bit to your computer using the micro-USB cable.
01: Use the Micro-USB cable to connect your micro:bit to your computer.
Click connect in the upper menu bar - then select your micro:bit and click "Connect"
02: Click "Connect" - Then, select your micro:bit and confirm.

04 Load Driver onto micro:bit

Click Load/save
01: Click "Load/Save."
In the popup- click "Show Files"
02: In the pop-up window, select "Show Files" in the Project Files section.
Click Load/save
03: Click "Add file" - Then, select the Driver File "gigglebot.py" that you downloaded in step 2.

05 Test

Connect your micro:bit to your computer using the micro-USB cable.
01: To test, make sure your micro:bit is connected to your computer.
Enter the sample Python Code from the text below.
02: Copy the following code and paste it into the Mu Editor.

from gigglebot import *

03: Click "Flash" to transfer the program.

06 GiggleBot test

Connect micro:bit to the GiggleBot - buttons face front of robot.
01: Eject the micro:bit from your computer. Then, place connect it to your GiggleBot. Power on. If everything is working correctly you should see the LED "smile" at the back of your GiggleBot turn red.