About us.

Modular Robotics designs, builds, and supports educational robot platforms. Headquartered in Boulder, CO our team works both locally and remotely all around the world. We believe that the toys and tools we share with children shape the way they think about the world and approach problem-solving. We aim to deliver remarkably fun play experiences that engage, educate, and prepare kids with skills they’ll need to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Cubelets robot blocks are designed to build better thinkers by teaching foundational principles through widely accessible lessons for anyone ages four and up. The Dexter line helps you do more with Raspberry Pi and micro:bit. GoPiGo is a Raspberry Pi robot that helps children explore new frontiers in computer science and learn to code. BrickPi brings the power of the Raspberry Pi to LEGO® Mindstorms. GrovePi is the DIY kit for the internet of things. PivotPi helps you program your world to move with a simple control board and set of servo motors. GiggleBot turns your micro:bit into a robot for learn-to-code lessons.