GiggleBot Starter Kit

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This is the GiggleBot, the BBC Micro:Bit Robot.  Just add the BBC Micro:Bit to the Robot and you can begin programming using MakeCode.

This is the GiggleBot. Just add your BBC Micro:Bit to the Robot and you can begin programming using MakeCode.

What's included?

  • GiggleBot Robot
  • micro:bit Go Starter Kit (micro:bit, USB Cable, batteries and battery case)

The GiggleBot is a perfect robot for the BBC Micro:Bit Robot:

    • Works with a PC, Mac, and Chromebook.
    • The micro:bit is mounted vertically for ease of insertion/removal (also easy access to the reset button)
    • 9 color LEDs,  7 are in a rainbow shape, and 2 are used for the robot "eyes".
    • A line sensor to follow lines on the floor. 
    • A pen-hole right between the wheels that supports drawing with the robot.
    • Two light sensors are in front on each side so the robot can play "follow the light." 
    • Servo mounts on the side so you can attach two servos. You can control wings, flippers or a head and tail after your robot becomes an animal.
    • Runs on 3xAA batteries.
    • Comes pre-assembled. You add the wheels and the micro:bit!

 Drawing Gigglebot Animation

The GiggleBot comes ready for the classroom:

    • Works with a PC, Mac, and Chromebook.
    • A solid robot body that's able to survive in a classroom.
    • The robot is shaped organically so you can turn it into a butterfly, cricket, or whatever you like.
    • There's room on the body for kids to build on, so they can use the robot in whatever school project they have. To help with the build, there are holes on the body you can fit LEGO components to!
    • We've got two Grove expansion ports for I2C sensors, and we keep the 0/1/2 pins open. 
    • Supports more sensors: distance sensor, a light/color sensor, and a temperature/humidity sensor. 

Gigglebot Driving Animation