Program the GiggleBot Robot - micropython and the mu editor

On this page we'll show you how to get started programming the GiggleBot.  You've already built your GiggleBot (if not go back to this page).  

Looking for the Python ReadtheDocs for the GiggleBot?  You can find installation instructions, drivers, and everything you need to get started programming the GiggleBot in Python here!

Download Mu

Download and install the Mu editor here.

Follow the directions for installation for your specific computer.  

Download the Driver File

Download the file here.  To save it to your local computer, right click on the browser and "save as" to your local drive.

Save the File

In windows:  save it at the location c:/users/<USERNAME>/mu_code where <USERNAME> is your username on your local computer.

On a Mac:  save it to the directory 

/Users/<USERNAME>/mu_code where <USERNAME> is your username on your Mac.

Open the Mu Editor

Open the Mu Editor.  Then click "Mode" and select the BBC micro:bit.

Flash an Empty File

First we'll flash an empty file onto the micro:bit.  Make sure your micro:bit is connected to your mac or PC. 

Click on the "Flash" icon at the top of the editor.

Reset your micro:bit

Press the reset button the back of your micro:bit.

Open Up Files

Click on the mu editor, at the top, click on "Files".  

Transfer the Library

Drag the file over from the right hand side, under "Files on your computer" to "Files on your micro:bit"

After the file is on the micro:bit, click "Files" again to close the files box.


To test, your micro:bit should be plugged into your GiggleBot, and your micro:bit connected to your computer. 

To test that everything is setup correctly, you can run the following code.  Paste this into the mu editor:

from gigglebot import *

That's it, once you hit "Flash" you should see a red smile on the GiggleBot!  If you have any problems or don't see the red smiles, you can check your code in "REPL" for any errors.


Now that you're setup, it's time to explore the Python documentation.  Python for the GiggleBot micro:bit robot is all documented in ReadTheDocs in the Python ReadtheDocs for the GiggleBot. 

Find Python documentation for the GiggleBot here!