Get Started - Program the GiggleBot Robot in MakeCode

On this page we'll show you how to get started programming the GiggleBot.  You've already built your GiggleBot (if not go back to this page). 

This guide will walk you through the steps of programming your robot.

Open a Browser

We recommend using Chrome.  Open MakeCode here.  

Install the GiggleBot Library

Get our library on your MakeCode browser.  

  1. First, on the command palette, click “advanced”
  2. Click “Extensions”  
  3. Type "Giggle"
  4. Click on the Giggle box, not the Gigglebot one.
  5. Done!  GiggleBot is installed!

Should the Giggle box not show up, enter the following in the search box:

Attach your BBC Micro:Bit 

Attach your Micro:Bit board to the robot.  The LED's on the micro:bit and the A and B buttons should be facing forward, towards the line follower and away from the caster wheel.

Power Up

The Micro:Bit robot is powered with three AA batteries.  We recommend using rechargeable batteries.  You can turn the power on by sliding the switch towards "On".

Begin Programming!

Start programming by dragging and dropping GiggleBot blocks onto the screen.

Program the Line Follower

See our video below on how to program the line follower on the GiggleBot using MakeCode.

Program a Servo on the GiggleBot Robot

See our video below on how to program the built in light sensors on the GiggleBot using MakeCode.

Make the GiggleBot Drive Straight

See our video below on how to correct the robot steering and make your robot drive straight!  

Program the GiggleBot in Javascript

Want to program the GiggleBot in Javascript?  Watch the video on programming your robot in JavaScript!