Learning Resources for the GiggleBot

These Instructables challenges help students explore the robot, learn robotics, and learn coding! Start with the MakeCode lessons for easy block-based coding, and try the Python lessons for serious programming. In addition, don't forget to take a look at the free, project-based, GiggleBot Missions.


MakeCode Lessons

Easy Micro:Bit Rover In this lesson, we are using a BBC Micro:Bit to drive and control a GiggleBot with MakeCode.   

Easy Micro:Bit Rover

This project walks you through the very basics of turning your micro:bit into a robot using MakeCode, the micro:bit, and the GiggleBot.  

The GiggleBot is an easy-to-use platform that's really great for going straight into robotics without requiring prior knowledge about programming, robotics, mechanics and so on. It is paired with the BBC micro:bit to provide an environment where you can learn coding and grow your knowledge. The micro:bit offers a drag-and-drop coding environment called Makecode. This allows you to program the GiggleBot rover in a Lego-like fashion, which is very entertaining and fun.   

Remote Control Micro:Bit Rover

We use a second micro:bit to drive your GiggleBot with a remote control.  The GiggleBot provides beginner friendly blocks to create your own remote control car!

Python Lessons

Line Follower Robot   

Python:  GiggleBot Line Follower

This project uses MicroPython to program the Dexter Industries GiggleBot to follow a black line using its built-in line follower sensor.

Tuning the GiggleBot Line Follower - Advanced   

Advanced: Tuning the GiggleBot Line Follower

In this very short Instructables you are going to tune your own GiggleBot micro:bit robot to follow a black line.

Light Follower Robot   

Python: Light Following Robot

In this project you will make the GiggleBot follow a source of light, like the light coming from a flashlight. This will all be done in MicroPython

LIDAR Robot   

Python: Make a Radar-Guided Robot

In this tutorial, we are making the GiggleBot tackle the difficulties of a maze.