GiggleBot Missions: Project Based Curriculum

GiggleBot Missions are a great way for educators to have a comprehensive project-based learning curriculum for their students. Each mission teaches students coding and computational thinking while building on the basics that they’ve already learned from simply playing with the robot.

GiggleBot Missions are offered as PDFs you can download and print directly from your school or home!  A supplementary hardware package containing sensors and various craft materials is available here.

Mission Descriptions:

Mission 1 Bust a MoveIn this first mission, students will become choreographers and program their GiggleBot to dance to their choice of music.

Mission 2 Light ShowStudents will try out being lighting technicians and create a snazzy light show by moving the GiggleBot into different orientations.

Mission 3 Robot PetThe GiggleBot will be transformed into an animal in training. Students will need to control it using a leash controller that they will build and program.

Mission 4 Scaredy CatStudent zoologists will have just discovered a new species of animal and are investigating its behaviors. This creature reacts when getting close to objects.

Mission 5 Robot Construction CrewBecome the remote operator of a self-driving dump truck that delivers materials. The GiggleBot dump truck will follow a path to the dump site.

Mission 6 Creature CreationStudents will become animatronics engineers for an upcoming movie. Their job is to design and build a new creature to star in the movie.

Mission 7 Giggly GiggleBotStudents are becoming script writers and will create a character for a book or movie and bring it to life through the GiggleBot using a speaker.

Mission 8 Remote ControlDevelop some assistive technology by programming a remote controller for the GiggleBot using a second micro:bit. Build a holder, glove, or grip for the micro:bit controller so that someone with limited fine motor control can drive around the GiggleBot.

Mission 9 Car DesignerExplore the world of automotive engineers and transform the GiggleBot into a car loaded with additional features such as headlights, blinkers and/or a backup light.

Mission 10 SecureBot: Students have been put in charge of keeping a treasure safe. They must not let anyone get to the treasure. To do this students will create a security robot.