Get Started - Program the GiggleBot in EduBlocks

On this page we'll show you how to write your first GiggleBot program with EduBlocks.  

Open a Browser

Open a browser and go to

Add the GiggleBot Extension

Click on "Extensions" at the top right of the browser.

Next, select the GiggleBot Extension.

After you select the extension, you should see the option for the GiggleBot in the lower left hand corner of your browser.

Create a Test Program

With the GiggleBot extension installed on your browser, we can create our first program for the GiggleBot and test it in EduBlocks.

First, select the import gigglebot block.

Initialize the lights with the init block. This is only needed when you want to use the lights.

Next, drag the smile block from the GiggleBot library.

Then join the two blocks, and set Red ("R") to "255".


Finally, download the hex file.  Click the "Download" button at the top of your browser.  Drag this file into your connected micro:bit.

That's it!  You've written your first micro:bit program in EduBlocks for the GiggleBot robot!

Bonus: See In Python

With EduBlocks, you can easily transition between the Block programming language and Python.  Your block program can become a Python program with the click of a button.

Click "Blocks" in the upper right hand corner.

And voila!  Your code is in Python!