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FREE Coding Cards for the GiggleBot

FREE Coding Cards for the GiggleBot

Coding Cards for the GiggleBot make it fun and easy to get started. You can download and print these coding cards for your learners.
Different aspects of programming the GiggleBot are introduced in these small bite-sized cards.
Each short project like card provides an easy entry for new coders to explore programming the GiggleBot in MakeCode.
This PDF includes 20 activities that show learners how to use the motors, line-follower, and other sensors and actuators that come packaged with the GiggleBot.

Jousting for the GiggleBot

FREE Jousting Competition

In Medieval times, one way knights would compete against one another was by jousting.
In this free-to-download project, we set up a competition where students program their robots to pop opponents' balloons using a 3D printed lance onboard each GiggleBot.
While your students compete in a jousting free-for-all, they learn coding, computational thinking, and a little about history!

This download comes packaged with a FREE Jousting Lance you can 3D print and use in the classroom. The Jousting Lance is in the form of an STL file.

Line Follower Template for the GiggleBot

FREE Line Follower Template

Download and print out your free GiggleBot Line follower template!
You can print, cut, and tape together a line following path for your GiggleBot with our handy line following template.