Get Started - Build the GiggleBot Robot

On this page we'll show you how to get started building the GiggleBot.  This guide will walk you through the steps of building your robot and turning it on.  In another page we will show you how to get started programming your GiggleBot robot.

Before you begin, you will need 3xAA batteries, and a micro:bit.

Check the Box

Your robot will come with some parts.  Let's make sure they're all there. 

You should find:

  1. The GiggleBot Robot.
  2. Two wheels.

The GiggleBot comes with the line follower attached (in the front) and the caster wheel attached (in the back).  

Unpack the Robot

Let's dump the pieces of the robot out.  You should have three: two wheels and a GiggleBot robot.


Attach the Wheels

Let's add the two yellow wheels to the body.  They should slide onto the white motor shafts on the yellow motors. 


The white shafts and the wheel holes are shaped like ovals, be sure to look closely that they are aligned before sliding the wheels on.

Add Batteries

The Micro:Bit robot is powered with three AA batteries.  The robot holds the batteries on the underside of the robot in the battery case. 


Find the battery case, and slide the three AA batteries in.


Attach your BBC micro:bit 

Attach your Micro:Bit board to the robot. 

The LED's and the "A" and "B" button should be facing forward (forward is towards the line follower, away from the single caster wheel).  

Turn the Power On

You can turn the power on by sliding the switch towards "On".


You built a robot! Next step, we move on to select your programming language here.